With family, parents or friends. No matter or with whom, the important thing is to have fun and find happiness at any time. Play, discover and share, Ortopé guarantees the protection of your feet.

On November 9, 2007, the brand was acquired by Paquetá The Shoe Company and the acquisition date is always celebrated as "Happiness Day". Since then, Ortopé has adopted its new cause "Happier Life. Vida Mais Ortopé "and celebrated annually this day with social actions aimed at spreading happiness.

A team more happy and dedicated to you

Ortopé brand believe that happiness is the most important essence into the team. Thinking about it, our products are developed by dedicated people who believe in and care about what they do.

Ortopé Global Presence

Brand DNA


Our shoes are made with genuine leather and high technology for the best sensation proving to child more comfort to the feet.


Lightness is an essential pillar to Ortopé, our shoes are made with special materials and technologies that provide to children a light footwear to use in all occasions.


We use the same technology of sport shoes that provide to children a natural flexibility of the feet with the right posture.


We use special insoles, Ortoflex and Gravity Zero. These insoles was developed to respect the natural shape of the feet, providing to children a secure base, healthy posture, stimulating nerves and neurological circulation and heathy legs.


All this dedication in the production of shoes has an main goal of produce fun shoes to children being happy in all occasions.

Laura Roehe